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"It’s made of wax."
Scott makes a face like someone just told him the truth about Santa Claus - Stiles would know, since he accidentally stole that piece of Scott’s childhood and has had to endure the heartbreaking, wistful sighs every Christmas Eve since. How had anyone made it to age thirteen in Beacon Hills, Nemeton Weirdness Central, without finding out that Jolly Old St Nick was actually a frost demon who fed on the souls of children by luring them in with toys before his permanent imprisonment centuries back? Stiles’ attic was haunted by a sea captain thanks to the re-used beams in the roof, and they’d literally had to evict a vengeful family of tree sprites out of their old hangout spot last month. Come on.
But this? This tourist trap for the gullible? Stiles is calling bullshit. Shit-to-the-bull.
"Dude, they’ve done tests and everything," Scott insists, holding out his palms. "I thought you of all people would appreciate a real-live fairytale!"
"I would if it was real,” Stiles retorts, turning to look at the display once again. He does Instagram a photo, because, well. It’s the bro-trip. The Pre-College Countdown. He’s going to document everything he can, even Scott’s naivety. Plus, the wax-dude’s pretty easy on the eyes; well-built and delicately featured with a fan of inky-dark lashes caressing his cheekbones, but a strong, angular jaw and a dusting of stubble. If Stiles met him in a bar, he’d totally be down.
The Sleeping Beau of La Iglesia has all the markings of a tourist scam, though. With literally nothing around the town save for some old architecture and sand and maybe some unmarked cartel graves and more sand, there had to be something to draw the crowds here in droves, since the history buffs wouldn’t be paying the bills on their own. A hot fake-dude taking a nap in the ruins of an old church connected to a gift shop was reason enough.
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For those of you who don’t know this book exists, it does. I have a copy, and it’s glorious.

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Can you imagine the conversation though?
Queen: I’m going
Chief of Staff: But, Your Majesty, the security risks…
Queen: I’m going I want cake 
Chief of Staff:
Chief of Staff: 
Queen: I want cake


Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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oh how the turntables [ x ]

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we all have a person who’s name we hear and we just


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The wheels take impact and stress off your legs, and the position helps your spine, but you’re still doing running motions instead of biking motions, so your legs are getting a good workout, and you can go for longer

nerdy shit aside, iamgine how sick it must be to just let those feet fly into the air and do superman poses down a highway

"Nerdy shit aside u can act like Superman"

Penn Badgley

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every time I see this it gets reblogged

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This is the best post the MCU fb page has ever done






I am fire *pant pant* 

I am death. 

you ruined my life

you mean improved your life

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"How To Put On Your Face" by Anna Akana

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